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Hi! (^ v ^)/

My name is Lavinia.
I was born August 03rd 2020 in Normandy, FRANCE.

I'm called this way because mother wanted a female lavender or dilute lavender Ringneck-dove since 2016, and that this name came to her mind as an obvious choice.

Lavinia is, in Roman Mythology, the mother of Latin people and also the wife of Aeneas creator of Lavinium, the old name for Rome.
As I'm meant to be her first hen breeding little ones, I'm the first mother of her dove farming, so "Lavinia" fits me well. (⌒▽⌒)♡<3

"While the old king lit fires at the altars

With a pure torch, the girl Lavinia with him,

It seemed her long hair caught, her head-dress caught

In crackling flame, her queenly tresses blazed,

Her jeweled crown blazed. Mantled then in smoke

And russet light, she scattered divine fire

Throughout all the house. No one could hold that sight

Anything but hair-raising, marvelous,

And it was read by seers to mean the girl

Would have renown and glorious days to come,

But that she brought a great war on her people."

Lavinia is also the name of the mother of the "Dunwich Horror" in Lovecraft's lore. (°Δ°)'


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