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Ariane Verticordia

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Ariane was born in Paris' 17th borough in 1989.
She is passionate about birds since childhood and has been bird-watching and studying birds since then.
She always has had a preference for Columbinae and their loving yet intelligent behaviors. She also adore Corvidae and Psittaciformes.

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She sort of dreamed to get a pigeon at home since kindergarten.
Time to time, she'd rescue some of them, beginning around 10 yo.
Pigeons fascinated her. And she felt being like them when young: rejected wrongly.
Birds were sometime severely injured by the grey and polluted Paris-town and their inhabitants... So she was very concerned about their well-being.
But her parents would never let her keep birds at home.
This saddened Ariane at the time, so she promised herself that one day she'd have pigeons and/or doves at home.

When she became independant she continued to save from time to time injured birds and cats or squab fallen from the nest.

In 2016 she saved "Roucool" her first true dove-friend that she kept at home. She found him in the so called "Marche aux oiseaux de Paris" on the Ile Saint Louis, Sunday 10th April 2016. Its seller was a bad breeder, treating really badly his birds.
Ariane was heartbroken to see this. She couldn't save everyone so she took the Ringneck Dove that looked the most unhealthy and tired.

Member of the "Club Francais de la Tourterelle Rieuse"
(French Ringneck Dove's Club)

Also an Abstract Painter, Illustrator, Photographer and Astrologer.

Ariane Verticordia and Kinsei


2017 - 2018

MA in Visual Arts and Teaching at La Sorbonne, Paris

2008 - 2011

BA in Visual Arts at La Sorbonne, Paris

2004 -



Abstract painting, Illustration, Photography, Writting, Stargazing, Bird-watching, Member of the LPO (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux),  Philosophy, Doves genotypes' annalist, Astrology...

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