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© CFTR "Club Français de la Tourterelle Rieuse" (photos and explanations)   

® 🇬🇧 Version of the French standard by Ariane Verticordia. It may have some translation errors (ex: varieties' names, but not genotype)

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Coloured-head Doves:


Orange, Plum, Grey


  • dB//,Ta//+, alCh//alCh (Orange)

  • alCh//alCh (Plum)

  • gr//gr, alCh//alCh (Grey)


Overall appearance:
Doves coloured-head doves are predominantly white, affected by a light coloured veil in a plum, grey or orange colour on the head. Feathers of the same shade can be present randomly on the body.
Depending on the outside temperature during the moult, the intensity and the distribution of the spots and colour may be different. Thus, the same bird does not necessarily have the same appearance from one year to the next!

Head= Strongly coloured (orange, plum or grey).
Neck-Band= Brown (Orange), drak brown (Plum and Grey).
Beak= Light-horn (Orange), dark (Plum), nearly black (Grey).
Eye= Orange to red (All).
Breast= White and Orange/Plum/Grey coloured veil.
Scapulars= White and Orange/Plum/Grey coloured veil.

Flight feathers= White, possibility of coloured primary flight feathers. White, possibility of coloured secondaries .

Tail= White, possibility of coloured. White base.

Insufficiently coloured head, irregular neck band.

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