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© CFTR "Club Français de la Tourterelle Rieuse" (photos and explanations)   

® 🇬🇧 Version of the French standard by Ariane Verticordia. It may have some translation errors (ex: varieties' names, but not genotype)

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Silky Doves (Soyeuses)


Exist in all varieties.

Genotype: L//+

Overall appearance:

The silky has a particular plumage structure due to the disappearance of the hooks which naturally keep its feathers in good order. Its appearance is "ruffled", soft to the touch, hence its name. Silky subjects fly with difficulty and are therefore more fragile and subject to accident and fractures.

Head= Silky /Depends of the initial variety.
Neck-Band= Silky /Depends of the initial variety.
Beak= Silky /Depends of the initial variety.
Eye= Silky /Depends of the initial variety.
Breast= Silky /Depends of the initial variety.
Scapulars= Silky /
Depends of the initial variety.

Flight feathers= Silky /Depends of the initial variety.

Tail= Silky /Depends of the initial variety.


Coarse body by addition of breeds other than the Ringneck-Dove or too weak by excess inbreeding. Insufficient silky appearance of the plumage. Invasive silky gene having the effect of rarefying the plumage. Wings too tight, tail too tight for lack of expression of the silky gene. Dirty dove...

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