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© CFTR "Club Français de la Tourterelle Rieuse" (photos and explanations)   

® 🇬🇧 Version of the French standard by Ariane Verticordia. It may have some translation errors (ex: varieties' names, but not genotype)

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Grey-pearled Doves:


Apricot, Orange and Tangerine


  • iv//iv, Ta//+, +//gr or ivP//ivP, Ta//+, +//gr (Grey-pearled Apricot)

  • dB //, Ta//+, +//gr (Grey-pearled Orange)

  • Ta//+, +//gr (Grey-pearled Tangerine)

Grey-pearled Tangerine

Overall appearance:
The grey-pearled ringneck-doves have the coat, rump and tail feathers light grey-beige for apricot, and orange, bluish-grey for the tangerine. Those feathers are pencilled in apricot, orange or tangerine colour (depending of the genotype). The colour increases towards the tip of the feather to form a border.

Head= Very light creamy-apricot (Apricots)
, Light-beige and orangey (Oranges), Lilac (Tangerines).
Neck-Band= Very light-grey (Apricots and Or
anges), bluish-grey (Tangerines).
Beak= Dark horn (Apricots and Oranges), nearly black (Tangerines).
Eye= Dotted grey orange to red (Apricots), deep chestnut-red (Oranges and Tangerines).
Breast= Very light creamy-apricot, nearly white (Apricots), light beige (Oranges), Lilac (Tangerines).
Scapulars= Grey-beige back-ground pencilled with Apricot (Apricots) or Orange (Oranges) or bluish-grey background pencilled with Tangerine for Tangerines.

Flight feathers= Light-beige, nearly white primary flight feathers for Apricots and Oranges, bluish-grey for the Tangerines. Light-beige to pearled Apricot or Orange secondaries (Apricots/Oranges), bluish-grey to Tangerine-pearled (Tangerines).

Tail= Grey-beige outer rectrices with white tip (Apricots, Oranges), grey-beige with apricot or orange edging central rectrices (Apricots, Oranges). Bluish-grey outer rectrices with white tip (Tangerines), bluish-grey with tangerine edging central rectrices (Tangerines).

Pearled pattern not enough visible, irregular neck-band, bad eyes colour.

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